Can't touch this. Thoughts on independent artists.

I went to see "No means No" tonight, a band that the "Stadtrevue" locates back in 1979. And there it was: the true spirit of independent art, performed on stage by three aged guys dressed in comfortable sport clothing, no particular hairdo playing a lefthanded Gibson SG and a Fender Bassguitar that where from about the founding time of the band. While the younger visitors happily pogued away on precise riffs and a banging drumset, I got carried away in thoughts a little and found out that what I saw happening was what being an independent artist of whatever profession is all about:
You find yourself sweating the hard parts, sometimes mumbling WTF half-loud but with a grace earned by working on your pieces for a lifetime without  being backupped a lot by others than your friends and family.
These guys I guess wouldn't give up - they seemed to be doing it from the bottom of their hearts, and also seemed to be sure that theres nothing they'd rather do. I had a great time seing them.And I guess this is what acts like the late Pink Floyd or even the late Liam Gallagher can't touch.

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