Making a platformer with the Citrus Engine Part 1

climbing and jumping enabled, but
the art department is still on holiday...
A little while ago I stumbled upon the Citrus Engine,
a Flash framework for making platform games. Included in the framework are lots of classes for platform objects, collision control via Box2d physics and camera and input controls giving you a headstart  with your next platformer. My game is still in the early development stage but the engines classes are well documented and easily tweakable to all my needs. I soon modded some build-in objects with custom functionality. On top of all the engine comes with a nice editor (an Air app called "Level Architect") that makes the level design a painless and fun time. Above you see a screenshot of a level done in the Level Architect, still with my development textures I will swap out for the final game art later.
Stay tuned for the next entry in that category to learn more about the development of a multilevel platformer done in Flash!

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